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Our story started in Scandinavia in 1965, but today IRCG represents the global rail catering market.
Now our members provide food and hospitality to millions of customers every day and include train companies, caterers, product suppliers and independent professionals from across the world.
Membership is recognised as a sign of quality and best practice, and is encouraged for everyone involved in this amazing industry.


Originally formed by nine train companies.

IRCG members are all experts in their own areas of the food travel market – regionally, nationally or internationally.

Combined, the group serves millions of customers every day, with tens of thousands of on-board catering and station retail services every week.

Originally formed by nine train companies with their own catering departments, we now include privately owned catering companies, retail franchisees, culinary and logistics experts, independent rail catering professionals and product and equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

A full list of members is shown in the membership section.  


We are non-political, not-for-profit and run by the members for the benefit of the members.

IRCG represents a large and complex industry, providing catering services to railways transporting billions of passengers every year.

We are non-political, not-for-profit and run by the members for the benefit of the members, with a clear agenda for sustainable, continuous improvement.

Our aims are to:

Be the focal point for the rail catering community.

Stimulate innovation and encourage best practice.

Facilitate professional learning and development.

Highlight the huge added value of catering for rail.

We do this trough our IRCG Mission that strives to:

**Enhance the customer experience** by inspiring our members to create memorable onboard hospitality that exceeds expectation, leaving a positive and lasting impression on every customer who travels with them.

**Continuously improve the quality and variety of onboard food and beverages** by encouraging effective research and evidence-based product development with an emphasis on freshness, choice, value, presentation, nutrition and healthy eating.


**Support sustainability** by raising awareness for our rail catering industry on the use, for example, of local produce, waste reduction, re-use, recycling, composting and eco-friendly packaging.


**Drive onboard innovation** through group panels, debates, supplier presentations and our Most Innovative Caterer Awards (with recent awards for digital ordering systems, personalised catering and special gastronomic events on board)


**Education and development** by providing effective platforms for the exchange of experiences, ideas, common trends and best practice through joint projects, conferences, onboard research, audits and trade visits; all contributing to the continuous improvement of services offered to passengers.


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Arranging priority for IRCG member presentations.

IRCG’s networking events and activities are a great way for members to focus on the trends, ideas and solutions that represent the best of today’s food travel market.

We also work with external partners such as Reed Exhibitions, Onboard Hospitality and the “Taste of Travel Theatre” to promote the true added value of rail catering.

  • Group attendance at the World Travel Catering and Onboard Services Expo in Hamburg, where we have a stand and are represented on the Advisory Board.

  • Arranging priority for IRCG member presentations at the Taste of Travel Theatre in WTCE.

  • Feature articles in Onboard Hospitality Magazine – the leading magazine for the Food Travel Market.

  • IRCG members’ conference and dinner, combining member presentations, tours of stations and trains and the Most Innovative Caterer competition.


Today, we continue to support the industry.

Although railway catering services date back to the 1800’s, IRCG was not formed until 1965, when nine railway companies held a conference in Karuna, Sweden.

The nine companies agreed to form a rail catering study group to help their internal catering departments develop better designs and technology – and so IRCG was born.


For over 55 years, we’ve supported significant change and innovation in catering products, equipment, logistics, technology, training, sustainability and service design.


Today, we continue to support the industry, still providing a unique platform for the networking of like-minded businesses and individuals in this complex market.


We are a friendly group and are always happy to welcome new members. If you are interested in joining, you can apply on line here.

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