MIC – Most Innovative Caterer

The most important focus of the IRCG is the high quality delivery of all aspects of rail catering services.
As a consequence, the organization has established “The Most Innovative Caterer Award” (the MIC-Award), a prestigious recognition of the best catering concept or product delivered by any member since the last annual meeting. The MIC was first awarded at the Bergen Conference in Norway in 1999. It has thereafter been handed out regularly during the IRCG conferences.

At the initiative of the Czech rail catering operator JLV, the MIC Prize was designed specifically for the IRCG by the famous Moser glass factory of Carlsbad in The Czech Republic.


  • 2019: Elvetion for their events in the trains
  • 2018: JLV for their new retail meal services
  • 2017: Deutsche Bahn for their new DB-Lounge concept
  • 2016: Don Travel for their project “DoNA Catering Iran”
  • 2015: WARS for their ordering systém “mWARS”
  • 2014: Avecra for their concept “Duetto”
  • 2013: JLV, a.s. for their “On-line Bistro”
  • 2012: Chef Express for their pre-order concept “Very-In-Box”
  • 2011: e-Express for their innovation program “The Product Pot”
  • 2010: Togservice for their “Taste of Norway” concept
  • 2009: Rail Gourmet for their “Step-by-Step” environmental program
  • 2008: Elvetino for their high quality freshly made espresso coffee from the sales trolley
  • 2007: Cremonini for their on-board entertainment concept including DVD and Electronic Games
  • 2006: Avecra for their children’s concept “Ilpo the Lynx”
  • 2003: Togservice for their excellence in operating vending machines on board trains
  • 2001: JLV for their “SMS communication with customers” concept
  • 1999: Agape/Cremonini for their presentation of lifestyle products and trends and their concept “A Gourmet Train”.