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Benefit from a membership.

Companies and individuals joining IRCG benefit from:

  • Contact with a network of like-minded professionals

  • Free to attend annual member conference

  • Hosted tours of railway catering operations

  • Entry into IRCG’s Most Innovative Caterer Awards

  • Complimentary awards dinner and other events

  • Business mentoring, advice and career development

  • Unique IRCG Quality certificate for members

  • Being part of IRCG’s exhibition stand at WTCE

  • Chance to present at Taste of Travel Theatre

  • Feature in Onboard Hospitality Magazine articles


Larger companies get great value from corporate membership.

Our only income is membership fees, which start at only €300 depending on the size of the organisation.

There are 3 levels of membership:

Full (Corporate)

Large Rail Catering organisations

Supplier (Corporate)
Experts in specific categories

Small companies or individuals

Larger companies get great value from corporate membership so that their whole senior team can benefit from IRCG networking opportunities.

We are a friendly group and are always happy to welcome new members. If you are interested in joining, you can apply on line here:

Thanks for submitting!


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